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So here I am in class now. We just learned how to say penis! How fun is that. He’s talking about circumsision now. Very crazy.

Well I guess I’ll talk a little bit about what I’ve done over the last few days.

I guess I haven’t written since Monday, but nothing much has really happened. We spent the nights in the house just hanging out. Tuesday night was Tuesday night fun party, and that was good times. Wed the girls came over and we had pizza loaf stuff.

Other then that it’s been VERY cold out. I mean like below zero stuff. I hate it. Can’t wait tell I get out of here. I hate the cold.

After the girls came over and we ate, one girl left, and then Courtney and Andrew and I went out to DQ. We got a bit lost, and found out that it was just up the street from me. lol, whoops. Got a blizzard and then found out that Andrew didn’t have any money, so Court paid. It was nice of her.

After they left, we went back home and then just spent the night together talking and hanging out and not really doing anything. We did watch theWest Wing, which was good as always.

It was hard last night, but we managed to not cry very much. Well, hardly at all really. We’re getting better at that, eh. So that’s good. Hopefully this will be the last LONG amount of time we’ll have to go without seeing each other. Well other then when he goes on Study abroad. But hopefully that won’t be too bad.

This morning we got up and we were going to make pankakes, but I didn’t have the stuff to do it. So we went to Panera instead and had bagels, they were SOOO good! Mmmmm. After that we came back home, picked up the rest of his stuff and then headed to DM.

It was scary as hell driving there today, iit was snowy and the roads were really icy. We saw a few cars in the ditch, but not too many. Made it to DM by about 10:15, which was way ahead of when we were going to get there, but I guess it was alright. Checked him in by some stupid idiot guy and then went up to security. We said goodbye cause I didn’t really want to stay long and get trapped in DM. So I headed out about 10:30. By the time I got back on the interstate the plows had actually been out and also had the De-Icing trucks. So the driving home was just fine. I was pretty annoyed by that because Andrew was at the airport about 2 hours before his flight, and I really wanted to sit there and talk some more before leaving.

I’m already missing him alot. I went home and having all of his shoes and his clothes gone, and not having him there when I get home is really sad. Though, like I said, it’s hopefully one of the last times we have to do this.

I’m really really glad though that he got to spend this month with me, and even happier that he got like 4 extra days to stay. It’s been a really good growing experience for us. I think it was really great.

Anyways, he’s talking about the scrotum now. So I should go and listen.

Laters all!


I forgot to say that I’ve also signed up to help at the Career Fair which is in Febuary, and I’ve also signed up to help with the Big Gay Conference, which is the 13-15th of Feb.

I also have a TON of pics to post. Perhaps tonight.

We’re talkinga bout penis size now. Laters

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