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So this weekend has been full of surprises. Some of which will be put into a private post, the others here…

Friday I worked and had a good time. Spent the whole day working on Jim’s laptop. That thing was infected bad. lol

Came home from work and there were lots a people at my place. It was a surprise b-day party. It was good times, Julian, Dean, Osaka(sp?), Zach, Court, Katie, Andrew, and Me! Tons of fun! I shall post pics some other time. When I’m not in a computer lab!

Saturday we did speech and that was good times again, then went and ate with my pu’s then home for cake and ice cream.

During dinner I found out that Beak is having a child!! Hello, I’m still in shock and can’t believe I’m writing that. Crazyness, you know.

Went back downtown and surprise number three happened, which will be talked about later, in a private update. Came home and went to bed. Sunday we got up, went to breakfast with Beak and Neil, and then went back to Ames. Spent the day there doing random stuff.

This morning I didn’t go into work, and spent the morning with Andrew, his mother called at 4 am, and scared the shit out of both him and me! Grrr at her for that. We did get his flight changed though, so he’s not leaving tell Thursday now. Good times 🙂

Also got my new drivers license, and got his hair cut, and made chexmix. It’s good times.

I’m now waiting for my next class to start.

Laters all.

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