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Huge Test

I have a huge test to be studying for. But I’m not really in the mood.

A bit sad mostly, also a little upset.

I’m happy that thanksgiving is nearly here, and even more happy that Christmas is coming close behind it.

I got a second job today, $8.50 an hour, three days a week, 4 hours a shift. Not too shabby really. Though, I’ll probably end up hating it, just as everyone else that works there has. Whatever. I can deal I’m sure. It’ll be good to have additional income coming in.

Being home alone really sucks after having someone here. It’ll suck even more after Christmas break, since he’ll be here for much longer. Thank god graduation is almost here. I want to get out of here.

Someone from was at my website today, as was someone from Exciting, I know.

Laters all.

3 replies on “Huge Test”

You got a new job??? Where??

Oh god…Chris…no…please tell me it’s not the gap!!! *cringes*

No, it’s not the Gap… They wouldn’t hire me. 🙁

Oh well, this job pays $2 more then the Gap was offering me. So that’s exciting. Though that means no cheap clothes… 🙁

Whew…you had me concerned for a bit there…especially considering the drastic turn of events as of late.

Yeah remember the $22…I do. Yeah the $22 became $175.

Avoid the Gap…they’ll suck you into their twisted web of debt incurrance. If that’s a word…

…So where did you gte a job at then, Mr Secretive?

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