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Scheduling Nightmares!

Well. I register on Monday, and I think that I’ve got my schedule figured out. So as long as everything goes to plan. Which hopefully it will, I’ll have one of the following schedules:

I couldn’t get my TR only thing that I really wanted. The bastards went and changed some stuff up on me at the last minute before things went live. Fuckers.

Oh well. I can’t decide which one I like better. They both have thier perks.

In #1, I could work from 2-7 every day, but I’d have to go in at 11 on TR.

Schedule #2 would also be nice because I don’t have to go in tell noon every day, but then I’d have to stay later most days.

I dunno. Which do you think is better?

Other then that. Not much going on in my life. I worked Wed, and classes on Thursday. Lots of stuff going on with school and the like. Very annoying if you ask me. I just want this semester to be over. And then next semester.

Anyways, things are sad. :'(

So I’m out
Laters all.

Edit://A year ago this week, we were complaining about how cold it was, and the snow.. This week, we had record highs! And now back down to below normal highs (40 degree diff… 88-48) Crazyness.

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