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Missing You

So the last couple days have been very busy. I had classes on Monday, and then all day Tuesday. Not much going on there.

I got a ‘B’ on the essay part of my International Management class. So that’s exciting. He showed us the grades for the other part, but it was so confusing and he didn’t have it up long enough for me to figure out what my grade was on that. So I’ll have to ask him about that later sometime.

Went to my other classes, found out that I have a test in Translog on tuesday. So that’s a bit scary. I’ll have to study for that this weekend.

I didn’t get the job at the Gap. I’m going to call them here soon and find out exactly why I didn’t get it. I’m fairly annoyed with that, because I mean I think that I would be a very good person for the job. So I just don’t get it. Stupid hoes. And I got the rejection in the mail. Which means they HAD to have sent it like RIGHT after we got done with the interview. Very annoying.

Other then that, not much really going on in my life. I got in contact with an old Scouter, who’s also gay. I guess he’s a teacher now, and doesn’t really have many friends in the small town that he lives in. So maybe we can hang out sometime. I think it’d be fun. Cause I really liked him when we were on staff, and he was always tons of fun. So yeah.

Also over the last couple days, I’ve been planning a lot of fun things we can do over x-mas break. I’m so excited for it to be here. And it really is coming up fast! I can’t wait.

I need a job… If anyone knows of ANYWHERE that’s hiring. Contact me!

And speaking of places that are hiring… Krell’s hiring another part-timer. So if anyone knows of someone that has GOOD linux/unix experience, and is a freshman/soph at ISU. Give me a e-mail!

Laters all. I have to go work.

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