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Strange Days

So the last couple days have been very strange.

There seems to be a lot of randoms out there IMing me lately, and it’s starting to get very very annoying. Yeah, it’s nice that I have people to talk to online. But many of them are from far away places, and are still in HS, and are thus not really good people to talk to.

And plus, I just want people to hang out with lately. Last night I really wanted to just hang out with someone. And there was this crazy IMing me, and kept blabing about wanting to hook up. I was like, “NO, crazy.”

But eventually I was like, well we can hang out, cause I realy wanted to hang out with someone. So he came over. Very strange person. He only stayed for like 20 minutes or so, we talked about Andrew mostly. And also about Mac’s. Apparently he has one on order. One of the new ones. Hoe.

Then later on Crazies boyfriend IMed me, and we talked computers. Apparetnly he’s a ComE major. Only talked to him for a bit though.

Went and showered cause I”m sure I smelled since I worked out earlier that day and hadn’t showered since before that. Then Gap Boy Imed me and we set a date to go have dinner. So we’re meeting up tomorrow to have dinner and hang out before he has to go to work. I’m very nervous for that. I don’t know what the hell we’re going to talk about all through dinner! Very crazy.

Though I did see him on campus this morning, pushing chairs around. I was riding my bike and had just got done lifting, so all sweaty and the like, so didn’t stop and say HI. Though I’m sure I’ll hear about that later. lol.

Hit bed shortly after that, but only after like 10 other randoms IMed me… All seeming to want into my pants. I don’t get it. I’m really not that cute, and whatever. They’re all crazies. ::whines:: I just want people to hang out with. I need to drop my morals I guess to get that though.

Anyways, got my paper back from my MGMT prof… With this written at the top of it:

Now if someone can tell me what that says… I’ll give them a blowjob.. I mean cookie.

Yeah, so that’s my life.

Blackburn brought up the website the other day in class. I was excited. Well mostly because I planted a thing on her desk that was the poster and well she read it and actually right there incorporated it into her lecture. She’s such a great prof. I guess she reads Adbusters too. Which is way cool.

Speaking of, I’m reading one of the books for that class, Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America. It’s a very scary book, and I really don’t like reading it. Though it just keeps dragging me in more and more. I hope the rest of my selections to read in that class are just as interesting!!

Anyhow… Basically strange days == many people wanting my pants, and me not wanting to give it to them.

I just want my Drew Bear back to protect me. I don’t like singledom.

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Oh, it just struck me as so incredibly odd when I read it that I had to tell you. Of course, if you asked me to abbreviate international business, I’d be lost. It’s all just where your “zone of proximal distance” is, I guess.

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