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Day Number Two…

Well, day two is over with.

Classes today went well. Though in my first two classes there’s going to be a lot of reading. And there’s a group project in both of them… That’s 3 out of 5 classes with BIG group assingments, all due during dead week. Plus the other two classes have a test on the Friday of dead week. (But no final test, so that’s good)

Right now it looks like I’ll just have two tests during finals week. Also a plus.

Anyways, My TransLog prof seems really cool. He kept making jokes and seemed to really enjoy teaching. So that’s a good sign. He only kept us about 20 minutes though. After that class, things got a bit rough for me though. I was walking from Carver to Gilman for my next class, and just suddenly had a breakdown, I laid on the benches just outside Carver for about an hour just crying. I’m sure I scared a lot of people. Though it was good that I had my sunglasses on, I bet most people didn’t even know.

I really wanted to call Andrew at that point, I really wanted to. But I resisted, I didn’t/don’t want to seem clingy and bog him down with my own problems. He’s got his own life now to deal with. So I just sat there and cried.

I’ve been checking my phone constatnly today. I hope that he calls soon. I really want to talk to him.

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