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Boring Days

So what has Chris done all day today you ask…

Absolutely NOTHING!

Today has been really boring.

I have acutally got a lot of stuff done, but it all took about 10 minutes to do this morning, so that took me from 8~8:10. Then I sat around and read updates, then read my e-mail from work…

That brought up another problem, and I was reasearching that when Nazanin came in and bothered me about it. She didn’t understand. And she also didn’t understand that I was already working on the problem…

It was much like the Office Space scene where they are talking about the TPS reports. Oh, how I love that movie. lol. I forgot how great it was tell I watched it last night.

After all that this morning, I paid my Electric bill, which was only $1.56 or something, and then walked that over to the Mail Drop thing.

Once I was done with that, I did some more research on the OL 6.0 from M$. Looks like it’s something that we’ll be going for. When, I don’t know though.

Also talked to Chris G about the XServe that we’re ordering, decided to put that off tell the end of September to see if they come out with G5 XServes.

Finally about that time Andrew got online and we talked for a couple minutes, though it wasn’t long before I as drug off to do some more random work, though I really didn’t want too.

I forget what I did, but I’m sure it wasn’t very hard.

Talked to the Dell Guy, our “Next Busines Day Repair” isn’t going to be here tell Friday, though it should have been here today? I’m not understanding that. Maybe they have weekends in the middle of the week?

That brought me up tell about noon, when I got really bored and started compiling an SNES emulator and downloaded a bunch of games for it… Good times. I’ve been playing Earthbound and Various Mario games. The emulator says that there’s a built in Game Genie, and I’ve tried entering some codes, but non of them seem to work… Very odd. I would like if they would though, because using the keyboard is much harder then the controller and I keep dying.

I hate Austin, the new guy here. He’s very stupid and annoying. Just FYI.

I’m waiting on Nazanin to compile Gcvs on her machine so that I can work on it some, but she’s being all slow about it. So I have nothing to do.

Oh, I put stuff on E-bay last night.. How exciting is that??

Also I didn’t sleep very well. No explanation needed, I think we all know why.

Though, I’m going to go play some more Video games.

That’s my life.

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Earthbound is a great game. It takes a while to get used to and to not completely suck at, but it is great. I have the strategy guide (and the actual cartridge) if you need it.

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