My Life


So last night ended up being a VERY VERY annoying night.

I got home, and ate supper. Talked to Andrew for just a short bit, and listened to some 80’s music…

When all of a sudden, my interenet STOPPED working. I was so annoyed. But I figured it wouldn’t be long, usually it doesn’t take that long for it to come back up. So I sat there in front of my computer, waiting, and hitting “Login” on AIM like a million times. Finally I got really annoyed with it and was on my way to call Andrew when my phone rang.

It was him, so I answered it and he said “Sorry to call you, but I couldn’t wait any longer to tell you what’s happening…”

At that point I was scared…. I thought maybe something bad had happened… Well Something bad DID happen, but I thought something REALLY bad had happened.

Then he goes, “Dustin called me”

And I’m like, Great… I know EXACTLY where this is going.

So Dustin ditched us on our trip.. The WEEK OF the trip he calls and tells us that he can’t go.

This is all AFTER we confirmed with him the DATES and the PRICE of the hotel, and AFTER we booked a NON-REFUNDABLE hotel room.

Now, in case you can’t tell my all of my CAPITAL LETTERS I’ve VERY VERY annoyed by this. You don’t fucking do that to people, if you don’t have the money, then FIND some some where.

It’s not like he DIDN’T know that we were going on the TRIP, or that he KNEW how much he was making, or that he KNEW how much he was SPENDING.

With 4 people going this would have been a VERY CHEAP trip, about $40-$50 each for TWO nights in a MARRIOT hotel, food and GAS!

Now ANDREW and I are going to have to PAY for it all, that means about $80 EACH! Which only leaves us with about $20 to spend, based on what WE HAD BOTH BUDGETED, YES budgeted, for the trip…. Beacuse apparently we know how to handle money, and plan ahead and BUDGET money.

So in short, if you want to go to KC this weekend, and can leave FRIDAY afternoon and return SUNDAY afternoon and can afford $40-$50, PLEASE CALL ME!

And that’s my LIFE!

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