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Welcome… And Busy!

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“life, n.: A whim of several billion cells to be you for a while.”

Wow, so as you can tell I’ve been VERY busy today!

First, I would like to welcome everyone to the new and improved Hopefully everything is working for you right now, however there may be a few problems here and there and I ask that you use the contact me link to the left to contact me and tell me about any problems. Or you can leave a comment. I do know that the poems and short story pages are not working and I am working on getting that to work properly. There seems to be an inclusion problem with those. I dunno what it is.

Secondly, I’ve been VERY busy with my PHIL paper today. I got to work about 7:30 and worked on it from then (with a few interuptions) tell the time I left to go my class. Went there, and did class stuff. He covered my topic second, so that was before the break. So I left after that. Also found out that he’s dropping the lowest quiz grade, and he didn’t have one today, so that’s good. I also figured out that I can get 3 of the 30 points on my paper and still pass the class with a C. However, if I continue getting the averages that I have been getting on other things, I’ll end up with a B in the class. The highest I can get (That is if I get a 30 our of 30 on the paper) would be a B+ (With an 86%, the cut off). So I’m sitting good it looks like!

Last night was GREAT. I left class early and met up with Andrew about 2ish, we hung out and played with his computer some. That was tons of fun. Although his mom REALLY annoys me. We were sitting on his bed, hugging. And she walks by and goes “Stop it.” It’s like, HELLO, he’s 18 years old, I think he can sit on his bed with his BF if he damn well pleases! She’s so wierd. And then we talked about how crazy she is. I guess she wants him to fly out to Cali to register. I’m like, ok… She’s bitching because she can’t afford the $500 for your computer, and she’s bitching because she can’t afford your college, but she wants you to FLY out there, that’s $300 for a ticket there and back, plus the hotel for two days min (Another $200 or so), and then plus food, etc. For something that you can easily do over the phone in an hour or so! What afucking crazy!

I do guess though one thing nice is that she told Andrew how she thinks that I treat him better then his other bf’s. So that was a nice thing to say I guess. Although she doesn’t really seem to show any niceness towards me. Whatever.

Also talked about my crazy scheme and I guess it’s been pre-oked. Just have to wait now for the time for it to happen, and then make sure it’s oked oked. We’ll see how that goes. And if I have the money for it. lol.

After all that we went out to meet up with Dustin and Michael to eat supper. WE got there early so we walked around the Wells Fargo Pond thing which was tons of fun! After that we were hot, so we went to Walgreens and hung out for a while. From there to Biaggi’s. The food was SUPER GREAT! I had Rigatoni alla Toscana and it was SOOOO good. I was a bit nervous about the roasted peppers, but I ate them and they were VERY VERY good. I can’t tell you how good the food was. I just wished that I could have ate more. But I was so full from the bread that we ate!

After that we went to a movie, and it was an alright movie, although not the best one ever. I don’t even remember the name of it now. There were some North Polkianites there. Crazyness. Andrew seemed a little annoyed for parts of the movie, but I don’t know why.

From the movie we were going to go get IceCream, but I had to get back to Ames, so we just broke. Andrew drove back to his house and we stood outside talking and kissing for 30 minutes. I finall left and got gas and then drove back to Ames.

As I was getting off the interstate there’s two lanes, one to go left, one to go right… Well I was in the lane to go right, and there was this other car in the one to go left. So I turn right, and this other car just suddenly turns and goes the same way that I’m going. I didn’t really think anything of it cause, you know, maybe he realized that he was going the wrong way. So I start driving, and I’m weaving in and out of traffic, because eveyrone’s driving UBER slow, and I was in a hurry to get home. And this car that turned was just staying RIGHT on my ass! I by now I was like, what the hell. So I get to my street and by now I’m in the left lane, but this other car was in the right lane. So I get into the left turning lane, and turn and this other car darts across the lanes and turns down my road. So I’m all like, “What’d I do to this guy??” So I’m drving and I turn into my apartments. He doesn’t turn so I’m like, alright, he must have just missed two of his turns or something, so I get my stuff and start walking into my apartment area. And this car pulls up next to me, and it’s the guy that had been following me…He’s like, “Hey, do you know La Boheme is?” And I’m like, “Nope. but I’ve heard of it.” And then he talks some more and tells me that he’s here from MN to meet somebody that he knows online, and he’s supposed to meet them there for a drag show. And then he’s like, “Yeah, I saw your sticker and followed you home.” What a crazy!

This weekend is going to be TONS of fun, and you can expect a VERY LONG update about it all Sunday/Monday. I’d bet more towards Monday, because I have a feeling that we’ll be getting back into town late Sunday night. I have a lot of things to do on Saturday morning as well before we leave. So I have to get all those done. And I guess the G&G have physical labor for me to do once we get there. I dunno what it is, but I bet it won’t be anything too bad. But I know that’s why I offered to go there, so we’ll see. My Grandpa hasn’t been doing well lately apparently, so I hope that he doesn’t mow the yard before I get there, cause I want to do that for him.

Anyways, I also thourghly suggest that everyone go read the book “Humanity” by Johnathan Glover. Very good book…

And I leave you with a quote…

“So long as the past and the present are outside one another, knowledge of the past is not of much use in the present. But suppose the past lives on in the present; suppose, though encapsulted in it, and at first sight hidden beneath the present’s contraditory and more prominent features, it is still alive and active; then the historian may very well be related to the non-historian as the trained woodsman is to the ignorant traveller.”

“The First World War was alive at Hiroshima.”

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I just thought Id let you know that the only posts that show up on your site are the posts about Phelps (Leading is folks astray) and about the new site. The archives dont work, and I was only able to read those two posts (so I missed out on the 3rd post from today). Other than that.. the site looks cool.

I just thought Id let you know that the only posts that show up on your site are the posts about Phelps (Leading is folks astray) and about the new site. The archives dont work, and I was only able to read those two posts (so I missed out on the 3rd post from today). Other than that.. the site looks cool.

Yeah, I just posted and it refreshed without, but I hit “refresh” on Galeon and it showed my comment. It looks like Apache is processing stuff faster than MySQL by like a second or two. Go Apache!

Yes, normally there will still be the 5 posts on the front page, however there were three private entries tomorrow, and it counts those in the front page # of posts. I don’t like that, but I haven’t been able to find a way to change that without causing more problems. I have it in my DEV version, but it causes a few problems with the Archives. Whatever.

Also about the archive pages, that’s just a linking problem, I should have that fixed by today in the afternoon sometime.

And yes, Apache does process things just a tad faster then MYSQL does now. In the older versions of b2 there were so many queries to the database that MYSQL had time to do it’s stuff, but now it doesn’t since b2 has been stream-lined.

Thanks for the comments… Now what do the other people think about the layout, or do I just have two readers??

Cj B

like the new look, white was seeming kinda stark recently. I’ve got weird little uneven dotted lines around things, but I’m dealing.

awful about the phelps shit isn’t it? I think it’s terrible they even print her letters in the paper. it doesn’t accomplish anything except make people feel bad. you can’t argue with the phelps non-logic, or have useful dialogue. it’s just plain awful.

anyways, hi! and stuff.

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