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An Update For You…

This is for Queenie McILikeToAnnoyTopherUntilHeUpdatesAndOfferToTakeHimToDinnerPlusDesertPlusALittleSomething

Well here’s what I’ve been doing lately….

Monday I got up early to register for classes. I got a REALLY easy schedule this upcoming semester. Only 12 credits. I didn’t get into two of the classes that I REALLY wanted to get into (ExSp 166, Weight Lifting; MGMT 414, International Managment) so I had to do some last minute mixing of things. But I’ve got a good schedule…

MIS 435 MW 3:40 – 4:55
Poli Sci 251 TR 9:30 – 10:45
TRLOG 360 TR 12:40 – 1:55
MGMT 370 TR 3:40 – 4:55

Should be a fairly easy schedule. Plus I’ll have time to work out and get all buff and shit in the mornings, and tons of time to work, which means LOTS of money!

Other then that not much going on. Yesterday I worked alot. I got Sept ’01 up and in the archives. Also thanks to JULIAN (WE LOVE YOU), I have the archives so that they’re oldest on top, whereas the main page is newest on top. It just makes it easier to read that way.

I’ve also set up my website localy on my machine so that I can play with it and not worry about those private entries get out… I’m trying to fix a hack that I did back when I started using b2. Back then they didn’t have a private feature, where now they have added such a thing in the newest versions. So I downloaded the new version. Anyways, long story short. I’m working on getting it so that I can at least edit the old entries (Because with the hack, once they were off the front page, if I wanted to update them I had to go to the database and do it with INSERT statements, which can get to be a pain in the ASS)

So what else has been up… Today’s been REALLY fucking nice. It was 87 out, for our high. I hate the spring semester because as the semster goes on, it gets nicer out, and you’re wanting to attend classes gets lower. Making it HARDER to actually go to classes. I REALLY wanted to skip my last class of the day, but I didn’t.

I did however after wards go out and ride my bike for 45 minutes and then go tanning for a while. I’m going to start tanning T and R so that way I look somewhat hot, even though I’m still to fat to go to the beach without a shirt on! Hopefully by the end of summer, I’ll be hot as hell!

Speaking of summer. I’m also taking 6 credits this summer, PHIL 230 or TRLOG 360 first 4 weeks from 12-2, and then MIS 433 the second 4 weeks from 9-11 or something. The plan is to get up, workout, go to class and then work until 5 or 6.

I’ve also planned for time off from 7/12 – 7/20 off. I’d like to go either to the Canyon again, of the the Black Hills. Perhaps somewhere else. Either way, I’m going to spend a week camping sometime this summer, even if no one else wants to come with me!

I have a test tomorrow, so I must study for it, then two tests next Tuesday, and a test next Wed.

Off I go, hope you enjoyed the update!

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Yes, I know… I had every intention of renaming the folder b2 once I got everything working right, but it just never happened… Hopefully soon. I’m working on a full re-write of every page on here…

We’ll see how many years that takes…

And Andrew, yes about that dinner!

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