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Weekend Goodness

So this weekend was probably the BEST weekend ever! I got to hang out with two hottie McHottie pants, and just have a great time! lol

Friday I met up with Adam about 3ish, and we went to the Mall and did the normal shopping thing. After that we were bored, and I wanted to look at cars, just for the hell of it. So we went off to the VW dealer and were walking around the lot when a semi-cute salesman came up and we talked. He said I could tes drive a Golf, which is SUCH a cute car. He got the GTI, with a stick shift, etc. OMG, that’ll be the next car that I buy, unless of course someone else comes out with something cuter!

So we test drove it and stuff, very cool. It’s got some damn nice get-up-and-go for being such a small car. So we talked, and he figured it all out, and for me it’d be $204 a month to lease it, cheaper then my Saturn. Good times. We were there until 6:15ish.

From there we went to Wal-Mart and Target, where we met up with Andrew. Drove back to Ames to eat at Hickory Park. We saw Lenz there, he’s SO hot!

Cool waitress, good food, good times!

From there we went to Hy-Vee purchased breakfast food, and then came back to my Apartment.

We stayed up and talked, watched TV, showered (seperatly), had a good time overall.

We went to bed at like 1 Am or so, but we all just layed there and talked and giggled and other such things. Very amusing. Andrew’s dick somehow touched my sheets, so I must wash them now. He also claims that I touched his dick, but I didn’t. Thanks. He did however get a handfull of mine at some point. That wasn’t pleasant.

We finally stopped talking shortly after 3:30 AM, just in time to awake about 9am.

We all got up, I made breakfast. Yummy. Andrew did dishes which he sucked at cause I had to redo them all! Bah! We also got him very wet and shoved a gallon of water down his pants. (Well not really a gallon, more like handfull, but it was funny) After that we went to Campus town to go to Evolution, but it wasn’t open so we just walked around some and talked.

From there we drove to VWM and waited for Andrew to get his hair cut. Adam and I got in a bit of a tiff, but that was taken care of shortly. We shopped some. Good times.

After that we departed ways, Adam and I went to help his PUs move some shit and Andrew went to work out… I think he just went home to have a big jack-off fest! lol

We met again at my house in PC, where Andrew locked his keys in his car! We had to call the cops, and some new guy showed up. He was cute! Rarr.

After that we went hot-tubbing where much new information was divulged. Dicks were showen off, as well as asses. Luckly things all stayed within ones own person. (if that makes any sense)

After hot tubbing we went in and all changed, where more dicks were showen, and stuff. Ha, no-one’s yet to see mine! 😛

After that we all made smoothies with whatever fruit we could find. They turned out really good!

Again we all departed ways, Adam and I went to his house and Andrew went home.

Adam and I slept. Interesting, eh? I fell asleep like the instant that I laid down, I was so tired after that long day!

Today we got up about 11:30 went to wal-mart and got breakfast. Looked for Julian but he wasn’t there. I really wanted to talk to him about some stuff too.

After that I drove back to Ames to study. I’ve not done much of that yet. I really must though because I don’t want to fail this class. I’m not dropping it no matter what though damnit. If I do fail, I can still take it this summer though. So that’s a good option. Although I’d really like to not fail it. I’m doing so good in all my other classes so far this semester. I don’t want this one to bring me down.

Next week I have two tests, one on Tuesday from 8-10pm and one on Thursday from 8-10pm. Plus a DFD Hw, and a MS. Theres a few other things going on as well. I’m thinking I may cute back on hours at work. Although I don’t really think that’ll help because I have plenty of time to do all the stuff, just not the energy to actually do it. Fuck me.


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bah! im sureit was pleasent when i touched your penis.. and i didnt mean to!! and i did the dishes just fine you silly mcgee. and i didnt have a jack off fest :p

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