My Life

How am I going to tie this knot?

“You’re KNOT!”


So it’s been a long time since I last udpated, well in my terms.

Weekend was good. Friday Adam and hung out and watched TV, hot tubbed, etc. You all know where that went without me having to say it. 😛

Saturday I wanted to get up and go to Andrew’s Speech thing, but Adam and I slept in to late, and didn’t get to go. Sad really cause the people that were supposed to have gone didn’t. Anyways, after that we all did stuff. Downtown, skywalks, etc. It was good times. And I beat the shit out of Andrew again.

Sunday was boring, Adam and I drove around and went shopping. I left about 1:00ish cause they had been talking snow all day, I wish that I would have stayed though.

I also purchased a book on Ropes and Knots, exciting. I know I’m a nerd.

I’m so in debt this month.

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