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Today was good, there was no stat class this morning, so I selpt in tell 7:30. I got to work about 8ish and got alot done. I’m still having Auth problems. Something about certs. I dunno. I asked the comp.mail.sendmail group, but no one’s gotten back to me yet. Rarr. I must get it working.

Apparently we’re looking at hiring another person here soon. Chris is graduating, so we need to get someone to replace him. So if anyone out there’s a Windows guru, then e-mail me and I’ll hook you up.

Other then work, nothing else has happened. I wanted to have chili tonight, the kind my dad makes, but would have required far to much work. So I made something else. Perhaps I’ll beg him for it this weekend. Eh?

Another wonderfull excert from the book I’m reading:

The flick itself, a low-budget affair, consisted of a series of uninspired and ninspiring duos rehearsing the same routine–I suck yours, you suck mine, then I fuck you, ta-da! All accompanied, of course, by the same Jeff Stryker karaoke: “Oh, yeah, you like that, dontca?” (I always wanted to see some guy, choking on Jeff’s tool, take it out of his mouth and answer, “Well, no, actually, I detest you and hate big dicks, but I have a really expensive cocaine habit.”)

Ha, I love it!

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I’m a Windows guru!

Okay, I admit to not being able to find the “Search” function on the Windows XP Start menu earlier today. I’ve lost a lot of profficiency with Windows. It’s GNU for me!

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