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I’m going….Somewhere?!?!

So tonight has been TONS of fucking fun. Adam and I went out with Mike and Andrew. It was GREAT times. First we went to the mall, and walked around, then off to IHOP. Andrew and I drove, cause he wanted to. While I made a wrong turn and just decided to go over the curb thingy, but I didn’t have the right angle, so both front wheels went down at the same time. I hope I didn’t break my car. Opps. Anyways, at IHOP the greeter woman was REALLY fucking cool I loved her! And there was a hot waiter at the table next to use. It was great.

Just imagine, four, very loud, hot gay bois in IHOP, sitting in between two REALLY old couples getting food. So fucking hilarious!

Then I showed Mike and Andrew my drivers licence and I thought mike was going to expolde with laughter. It was GREAT! When we left, we left a note with the tip saying: “TIP GOES TO KASE. WE LOVE YOU KASE!!! LOVE , THE BIG GAY POSSE”

As we were leaving we saw the cute waiter boi go over and read it and then walk off. It was soo funny! I haven’t laughed this much in like forever.

After that we went back to the mall and hung out. Andrew got much groping. I know he enjoyed it! Rarrrrrr! (sexy voice)

Anyways, after that we headed off to Java’s where more time happened. I got talked into going to this thing tomorrow and I have no idea what it is! Anyways, it should be fun. Mike, Andrew and Me all in a car for 2 hours! Weeeeee!

I’m out!

PS. Shout out to all the ISUians that are coming! WeLcOmE!! Leave me notes in my guestbook!

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