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Wee! Crazyness

So today has been very stressfull. I’ve had TONS of work to do, and I’ve got most of it done. So that’s cool.

First thing: John D’Emilio is coming to ISU this week to give his lecture, “Black, Red, and Lavender: Bayard Rustin, Civil Rights and American Homophobia” (Sun Room, MU, Thursday, 8 pm). Sounds like it should be good. So everyone should come!

So yeah, in Calc we got the tests results back. We didn’t get _our_ grades, but he gave us the curve, etc. Yeah… Umm 79% of the class FAILED the test… That’s WITH the curve applied. It was NOT good. So I hope that I did fairly well at least.

Umm, I ran into Julian today around lunch and we talked about things, it was amusing as hell.

Not much else going on. I just got my internet fixed, so it’s super fast again it appears. WEEE! ::surfing motion:: lol

Yeah, I have an interview tomorrow. There’s also a coming out talk with the PFLAG group, which should be really cool.

I can’t wait tell Adam gets back. ::sighs::

And thanks to Andrew for pointing out my HORRIBLE spelling. I was in a hury damnit!


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