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Jobs, Hw, and Bois!

So yeah. Not much has really happened since yesterday. I was planning on staying on campus and doing HW last night, but I didn’t. I said, “Eh, I can get it done at home.” Well I made the mistake of sitting down at my computer, and then the mistake of cooking stuff, and then the mistake of turning on the TV, so nothing got done. But I did do it this morning, so it’s all good.

Adam’s apparently going to a concet in KC in a couple weeks. Yeah, after being gone for one weekend, then home one weekend and then gone the next. I’m so excited for that! (Sarcasim, and spelling?)

Oh well, I’m sure he’ll have fun in KC, and AZ and where ever else he may be going in the near future. lol. I dunno what the hell I’ll do those weekends. Perhaps I’ll just sit around and do things I’ve been meaning to get done. Such as study for the Religion test that’s on the 11th, or the Meteor test that’s on the 16th, or the MIS test that’s coming up soon.

Perhaps, I’ll work on that new update, since it’s being such a bitch. It just won’t format right for me. Damn thing. I’m also learning CSS on the way. So that’s cool though. I found out that HTML 4.0 has deprecated a bunch of tags (strike, center, bold, italics, etc). Which is amusing to me. But I’m sure no one else cares. lol.

The PU’s anniversary is this weekend, on Saturday actually. So I’m going to have to spend time with the whole family. But I guess it’s alright, cause I didn’t have anything else planned for that time, and plus, G&G haven’t seen my hair yet, so that’ll be amusing.

I haven’t really had much to talk about lately, it’s odd really, and I haven’t figured out yet, whether ir’s because I’m horribly pissed, or if it’s because things are just going so well. I dunno.

Anyways, I’m going to go to class, so laters all!

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CSS is the shit. Then again, so is PHP.

However, you should really move towards XHTML. It’s not that different from HTML 4.0. The main difference is that all tags are lower case, all properties must be in quotes, and all tags must end. If a tag like “br” doesn’t end, you have to use “br /”.

I’m excited to see your new layout.. laters!

yeah-have fun with that whole family thing. I have to work this weekend so I don’t have to go. But tell the PU’s congrats for me.

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