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Job FAIR! And hot bois!

So yeah, the job fair was today, most everyone that I talked to was looking for full timers. Not interns, so that sucked. However, I did get in a few places and they said that I had a good resume, so that’s cool. The Kraft guy even said that if I were graduating this year, he’d would have offered me a job right there. So that’s really cool.

There were also TONS of hot HOT bois there. I dunno what it is, but suits just make people look sooooo MUCH hotter! lol

So yeah, I’ve got a STACK of fucking things to go through. Almost everyone said to go put my resume on thier website as well, which I find stupid, cause why come to the Job Fair, if all you really want them to do is put it on your damn website!

Anyways, West Wings 2 hour season thing is tonight, so that’s exciting.


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