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So since I had already killed my up time and I had to move one of my computers out of my office anyways, Ramsey and I spent the day cleaning out our office and re-arranging… or as Chris put it. Arranging our office, since it’s never really been done before.

Ramsey and I threw out 3 huge boxes worth of old old shit… I came home with a brand spanken new copy of Windows 3.1, so if anyone wants it… You know where to find it now!! lol.

Tonight’s been odd. I dunno why, Adam and I went shopping and he was grumpy at me and I was grumpy at him. I was in a perfectly good mood though. Oh well.

On our shopping crucades however I found a really cute thing… I call it a thing because I really don’t know what the hell it is. I think it’s a bananna holder with random round things on the sides, Adam says it’s a spice holder and my mom says it’s a paper-towel holder. I dunno. Perhaps I’ll take a picture of it and post for people’s opinions… However, even if I do find out what the hell it is, I don’t care, cause it’s my new candle holder. Hehe.

In other random news, Calee fisher updated after a long while, and Mikey Spikey has replaces Marrisa, on the reading list… Since well, I’ve met Marrisa like twice and she hasn’t updated in like forever… I’m so excited, now I can read all about Mike’s life. The first day appears humerous!

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