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It’s Neked Time

So this weekend has been full of Naked fun times… however, none of those neked fun times have involved sex. :'(

David came up this weekend. We all hung out Friday night, me and him and Adam and James…. Well we had to wait for Adam to get off work, so David and I went to the mall and shopped. That was good times, we got to bond and talk and shit.

After the mall we went back to Adam’s house where we waited around for Adam… It was amusing. After Adam got there we called James, or perhaps we called him before he got off… Anyhow James, Adam, David and I all went to my house to go swimming….. OH! I know what it was now, Adam, David and I went to my house, and we called James from there. We swam for like 4 hours, from 10:30 to almost 3 am. After Midnight, it was mostly naked swimming, which was just fun as hell. Everyone was a bit shy that night, but not David, he was just out showing it off to everyone… Omg, he’s well….

We got back to Adam’s about 3:30 and we watched some str8 (EWWW!!) cartoon porn. It was very amusing, so James left and we all went to bed… Well Adam and I went to bed, and David slept on the couch.

Saturday we all got up about 12 and hung out at Adam’s house till he had to work. There was alot of Drama in there as well, but that’s a personal story, and it’s going in a private entry. But Adam left for work about 2:30 and David and I left about 3 to go to the mall. We went up to Wal-Mart cause David had never met Julian and he thought that Julian was cute, so we went there and I introduced him to Julian… David said he was cute, but he needed a hair cut, it was so cute… lol. We went to VWM from thre and hung out there, on the way there James called, so we met up with him as well… Adam got off at 7, so David and I went back to his house to meet him.

We finally decided what we wanted to do about 8, so we went off to the Taste of Des Moines, in well Des Moines. lol. They had some good food and some cute ass boys, so that was fun… Plus we drove there in James Jeep with the top off and the doors gone, it was such a fun time. We left there about 10:30 and went back to my house for some more Neked swimming times. That night people weren’t quite as shy and everyone let it hang out. lol. It was fun times.

We left my house about 2:30 or 3 and got back to Adam’s. James left from there and we all went off to bed… About 3:30 Adam couldn’t remember if he had shut the stove off from when we cooked lunch, so he went out to the living room and apparently caught David having some fun… That’s a great story.

So, here we are. I bet you’re asking yourself why the hell is he up at 9:39 on a Sunday morning after being up tell 4 am… Well cause Adam had to work at 8 this morning, so he left and I spelt tell 8:30 when David woke me up and said he was leaving. So I got up, packed, cleaned up the house and came back home, now I’m just waiting for my clothes to finish drying so I can go somewhere…

The weekend was full of fun neked times!!!

Laters all…

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