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Ok, so the last two days have just been wild crazy. Today I went to my G&G’s house. I left here at like 7:30 this morning and hung out down there tell 3:30, when I left to come back home. I got back to Ankeny around 5:30ish and met up with Adam. We hung out at his house tell 7ish when we headed to the Mall to return some stuff. We also got a movie to watch, but we never did get around to watching it.

After the Mall we went downtown. We were walking around when we went over to the Ampitheater thing, and there was some wedding going on, so we stood and watched it, ti was amusing. They were both paramedics, so they drove off in an ambulance. Good times. We called James after that and met up with him, we went off driving and shit, good times, good times. We then headed back to Java Joes and we ran into… Fuck, I forget her name, it starts with a J. But yeah, we saw her and some of her friends so we sat down and hung out with them. Then Brian and Rob showed up so we talked to them, it was just gay place there tonight. Purple shirt boy was also there, but he’s a big fat ass hole, so we don’t care. lol. He’s got his belly-button peirced.

we hung at Java Joe’s for a while and then went out walking, and talking. Good times. Brian was also being fairly nice tonight as well, from what I’ve heard he’s normally pretty bitchy and stuck up. But he was good company tonight, and fun to hang out with, perhaps we should do that more offten. But yeah. So we decided to go to the gay loop. It was fucking PACKED!. There wasn’t hardly anywhere to park on the whole fucking thing. So we found a spot to park and sat around on James Jeep, with the top down. I LOVE JEEPS!! We all hung out talking for like an hour there. Dustin showed up in there somewhere as well. And a ton of other people. It was just really good times down there tonight and it reminded me of last summer, which is good.

James had to leave about 12:30 and so did we, on our way out I ran into someone that I know from ISU, he was drunk off his ass, so I’m glad we were leaving cause I didn’t want to talk to him.

There was also a LOT of tension at the loop, between lots of people. Wierd things going on. Why my gay people be so bitchy…

Speaking of bitchy… No not really.

Ok, I’m out this day has been very long and fulfilling for me. Night All!

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