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So the last two days we’ve ran into some nice morons, so I thought you all would enjoy the stories.

Well yesterday Adam and I were at the mall, when we were leaving there’s two lanes, I was in the right lane and some other ass hole guy was in the left lane. I happened to be going faster then the guy in the left lane and was passing him when he decided that he wanted to get over in my lane, without signaling, or looking. I SLAMMED on my brake, gave a honk and started driving again when all of a sudden, he’s in front of me, and put slammed on his brakes. So I stopped, then he gets over in the left lane again, stopps and starts flipping me off and waving at me to go past him, and I’m like hell no I’m not going past him, cause I figure as soon as I start to go, he’s going to pull that same shit and try running into me again. So I sit there for a bit all the while he’s waving at me to go, and being a total ass hole road rage mother fucker. So I decide that I don’t need that shit and turn around and go out the other way. What an ass hole.

Then today Adam and I were at Saylorville, we were going over to the place we always go… There was a car parked there when we got there, but that wasn’t that big of a deal, cause alot of people go there. So we park and start walking down to the shore. We get down there and there’s like there three white trash ass holes there. Two guys and a girl. We see them and decide to walk the other way. So we do.

They left a short while later and we didn’t think anything about it… Tell they go over the dam and scream down at us “FAGS!” We were like, oh shit, they beat Adam’s car. So when we start heading back up towards the car, we saw that he had a front windshield, so we’re like, “Ok, you have one windshield….” as we got closer, “You’ve got a rear window…” and closer, “Ok, You’ve got all your windows.” So we get up to his car and he goes to his side and I go to the passenger side and he says… “FUCK!” They had spit all over the drivers side of his car. The fuckers. Like nasty nasty spit and snot and shit. It was gross. As we looked closer we found that they also kicked is doors a couple times and ripped off his sticker on the back of his car. What fuckers.

Why must people be such moronic assholes?? Why?

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I know this is a little late, but I have 3 words for you…”Mean People Suck.” There. I think that about covers it.

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