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Dec 3000/300LX

Ok, here’s the story of my day:

Dec 3000/300LX

NetBSD boot image, boots, needs serial console to control keyboard/mouse

Dec 3000/300LX with no documentation.

News groups that know something.

Websites that know some more.

Bits and bytes of the story here and there.

MMJ cable or Null Modem cable? Conflicting reports.

MMJ cable == Phone jack?

A Windows2k machine that’s not of any help.

Whew, what a mess.

So its getting there. I have a bootable NetBSD install disk. It boots, asks for a serial console to continue booting. Did research on serial console, I need an null modem cable or an MMJ? Need an MMJ for a Dec 3000/400 but I have a Dec 3000/300LX, therefore I don’t need an MMJ, but an MMJ is just a phone cord with one end cut off and wired to a 9pin adaptor to a PC Com port. However a Null modem cable needs one end 25 pin female opposite end 9 pin male. How do you wire it?? I dunno.

It’s coming along, I’l have it done before summers over.

In other news, I finished my new guestbook after like 2 months. It’s good times. Everyone must go sign it cause I said so. And plus the old entries haven’t been moved over yet, I dunno if I’ll do that or not.

Laters all.

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