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Fuckiing HP’s

So my computer is being a horrid bitch. For a while now it’s been giving me these errors on boot that it can’t find the key board. I just said fuck it cause I didn’t really care all that much. So well Monday I came in and restarted it, it worked until Wed afternoon when I tried it, I came in this morning and it was going all slow and shit, I couldn’t even log in or restart gracefully, so I shut it down. Then I tried restarting it, it wouldn’t come back up. I tried again, and I couldn’t even get the BIOS screen, I thought, “Maybe it’s just the graphics card.” So I pulled it out and put in a new one, still nothing. I thought “Maybe one of the boards got fried.” So I pulled out evey board but the graphics card, I pulled out the CD-ROM drives, all that was left plugged in was the graphics card, floppy drive, and motherboard. It still wouldn’t even give me the damn BIOS screen. So I said “Fuck it” and pulled the guts out, put the CD-ROM and the Hard drive and the network card in an old Toshiba with running 133 Mhz, compared to teh 1 Ghz it had come out of, with 32 megs of RAM, compared to the 512 megs it had been used to. Powered it up and everything worked just fine. Fuckers. Perhaps I’ll be buying a new computer sooner then I thought… Or maybe I’ll get my mom to buy me a new computer and then I’ll buy the new monitor, that would save me alot of money. :-p

So yeah, after I got home on the 7th, I installed my computer game, and played it tell 3am. Then I got up at 9am and played it tell 5:45 when I left to meet Adam, it’s the best game in the world. Hehe.

I met up with Adam at Hy-Vee about 6, he went on break, as did Leah, Tara and Missy. I was more hoping that we could go on break together, and be able to talk, but whatever, it was still amusing as hell.

It was really stormy yesterday night it was cool. I really enjoy the storms, I guess there were tornados and stuff. After Adam got off work we went back to his house, and hung out, then he went tanning and I had to sit around and wait for him to do that. Gwar. But there was some hot guy walking around there, so that was alright I guess.

And that was my night, from there I went home and went to bed.

Now I’m here, working on shit. Good times.

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