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So last night there was this big fuck off thunderstorm…. I had left my windows open to let the fresh air in, plus it was damn hot in here, so well yeah.

I went to bed about 11, just after 12 the storm really hit and it was lightening and shit out…. well out in the courtyard, which is right outside my window there had to have been about 100 drunken nuts cases out there yelling and screaming everytime there was lightening. Fuckers.. I got up to close my windows so that it wouldn’t be as loud and there was a huge puddle of water on the floor in my room, I was like SHIT, but I didn’t care, I just went back to bed….

Topic 1
Topic 2 The guy on the right in that pic is DAMN HOT!

Today’s been really nice though, nice and sunny and just the perfect tempurature…. I’ve been hanging out alot today, just doing shit… Lots of hot guys out… One came into MIS class today shirtless, I was like “He can come sit on my lap” OMg was he every HOT!

So yeah, over the weekend Adam and I were talking about when we first met, and what each of us remembered about it… Well our stories were really different, so I went back in time and looked up what happened… Yeah, so On July 23, that makes one year of knowing each other. And if we had stayed together from the first relationship it would be one year together on June 30th… But like Adam said last night, he’d rather have 6 GREAT months on June 17th then 1 so-so year on June 30th… So it’s all good….. Today makes 4 months.

Laters all.

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