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Woot! Summer

Wow, summer has really hit today… This whole weekend has just been great as hell.

Friday night was good, Adam and I went out with Nelline, Andi, and Leah. It was fun time, Nelline painted my nails blue, it was sooo cool. hehe, Adam didn’t like them though, this coming from the boy that wants to go in drag, I was amused at least and that’s all that matters…. About 11 they had to go home, so we went hot tubbing, it was good times.

Saturday Adam called me at home about 1:45, just before he had to go to work, and I could tell instantly that something was wrong, he had been in a big fight with his mom and she told him that if she was making his life so horrid then he should move out… I met up with him at Hy-Vee about 4 and we talked a bit once he got on break… He’s been kinda sick all week and he really wasn’t feeling to well Saturday afternoon and with the added pressure, it was just bad, so he got off early and we went back to my house and watched TV, some really cool magic thing was on and we watched trading spaces which was amusing. He then called his mom at 8 and found out what was going on and he would have to be home by 11, so we decided not to go to the dance, which was good cause we just hung out some. I stayed at his house Saturday night..

Today has been GREAT!! The weather was so great that we got up about 11 and went out and cleaned out the shed, then we went to Big Creek and hung out for a couple hours, we both got sun burns on our faces, my arms are starting to tan though, so that’s good. After that we went back to his house for a while, then we went swimming. That was lots of fun, we were the only ones in the YMCA pool, so it was great times. We also did naughty things in the locker rooms… hehe. 😉

After that we went back to his house and hung out tell 9 when I left… It was so nice…..

I love this weather already and it’s making me think about summer, which is kinda of depressing me cause Angel won’t be back and I’m going to be working everyday from 9-4 and but I’m also looking forward to it cause it’s summer, and it’s going to be great…. I’ve already decided that we’re going to make canoeing a weekend thing and at some point this summer we’re going to go camping as well.

Ok, I’m off to get my outfit ready for tomorrow, I’m going to look soooo cute, I got some new shirts, they’re a size small and I look cute as hell in them. hehe

I’m out. Enjoy the weather all!!

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