Today’s been really long. Not much has been done today either. I went to class, we have a test on Friday. I think I should go to the review session on Thursday. It should help alot. Then I went to work, Nazanin was overly annoying today as well. I just hung out in my office most of the day and did random things. It was alright.

Then I came back and we had a test in ComS. I think I kicked it’s ass, but there was one things I fucked up on cause I couldn’t remember the syntax of it. Oh well. Hopefully I’ll get most of the points on it.

Then I came back to my dorm room. Last night at the House meeting Sri brought something up about things on people’s door’s. I have up three pictures, one has a lesbian couple on it, the other has a str8 couple, and the last one has a gay couple… All of them are of the couple kissing. At the bottom of them it says “Everyone has a right to love.” Well apparently someone on the floor had a problem with that, and they complained to Sri, he talked about it in the house meeting and said that we can have anything on our doors we want. So after wards I talked to him and he actually encouraged me to keep them up there. He also told me who it was that bitched. But back to the story, when I got home tonight, the one with the gay couple had been ripped down. Ha, I put one right back up…. I’ve got a supply of them.

Stupid homophobic people. They can’t beat me.

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