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Mr. Banks…

Banks are the devil child. I have decided. If this economy weren’t so reliant on checks and debit cards. I wouldn’t put my money in banks. But I would die without my debit card. I would, really.

I’ve finally saved up enough to buy a new computer. So I went, I added it to my cart, entered all the info, and went to buy it. “We’re sorry, your credit card has been denied.” What do you mean DENIED? Fuckers. So I call up Wells-Fargo. This was Saturday night. The guy I talked to was of absolutely NO help at all. I yelled at him alot and was pissed off to no ends. I said fuck it. So tonight I called back. I talked to someone that was very nice, some guy, named Matt. I bet he was hot, he sounded hot. But he was nice. I explained to him that I needed my limit on my debit card raised by $15. He looked over my account. I met all the critera except for one, my account hadn’t been open for a year. So I’m like, look I obviously have enough money in my account to cover it. He aggreed and also argreed that they shouldn’t be keeping my from MY money in the first place. So he talked to his supervisor. She denied my request to up my limit. I talked to Matt some more. I explained to him that the $610 deposit on Friday was in cash and I had deposited $170 more dollars on Saturday, which hadn’t gone through through yet, but was displayed on thier side as a “pending deposit” with that and the money that I had in there already, I had over $1600. I only needed $513 for my computer, $13 more then my limit. So he talked to his super again. This time he came back and said that he was forwarding me to her. So I talked to her, she had accepted the Limit increase. Thank GOD Finally I was getting somewhere with these assholes. She uped it, I went and hit the submit button because she said I had one hour to do it in, that it was already to go. So I did, it was denied again. She said try it again, I did. It was denied again. She uped my Limit to $10,000. She said “Try it again.” I did. It came back with a warning, saying that “this card” is suspected of being stolen, you can’t use it here anymore. I told her that. She said hold on let me check. I let her check, she came back on the phone, said that their fraud department put a stop on my card because it was being denied so many times in the last two days. She said they were closed, so I couldn’t have it taken off. My card is worthless now. I have to go into the branch tomorrow to get my limit uped again and to get the hold taken off my card. The fuckers. I will be finding another bank. I will….

Moral of the story. DON’T USE WELLS-FARGO! (or banks in general if you can help it)

This weekends been good, execept for a few hours Saturday night when i blew up at Adam for a stupid little thing. Something Ishouldn’t have done and felt really really bad for after wards. But we talked and hopefully he was alright after I left. I know I wasn’t I went home and cried because I had done that to him and made him feel that way. I felt bad. I’m just under alot of stress right now, and the whole banking thing didn’t help, and then well. Yeah.

Today’s been really good, other then the whole getting up at 7am. Family and shit was standable, Beak wasn’t there, but Sheila was and Janell had a new puppy so that was cute and amusing. Hopefully this one won’t be as fat or as spoiled at Claire…

Adam and I actually got a few hours to hang out tonight as well because he got off early, so that was really good. We hung out and did things and talked. It was really good.

I’m all giddy and yet scared to death about this upcoming weekend. I think though, it should be really fucking good. Night all.

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I use First American Bank ( They give you online banking, free Point-of-Sale and ATM transactions, and a $500 Overdraft Privilage all with their basic account. I have no idea what the limit on the card is, but I’m sure they could tell you. Also, they’re really friendly(at least to me). I pay $1/month to have my debit card. That’s the only fee I ever pay (except for checks, but who needs those with a debit card?).

Take Elwood over to South 16th, turn right, and take it to S. Duff. They’re on the corner.

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