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I was only trying to install KDE 3.0 it was being a bitch. I got all the packages installed, downloaded, etc. I did. I installed them how they said. I changed the .xsession and the .xinit whatever. I did. But it kept booting me in KDE 2.2.2 I don’t want KDE 2.2.2 I want KDE 3.0 damnit.

So I did it, a thing I shouldn’t have done. I did an rpm -qa | grep kde | grep 2 | rpm -e and I removed all the KDE 2.2.* files. I did it. Now it hates me with a passion.

I restarted my Xserver. Hoping for KDE 3.0 to appear in all it’s glory. But all I got was an ugly green and black screen.

I cried out. “BUT I WANT MY KDE!!” It still woulnd’t give it to me. I pressed and pleaded. I said I’d do anything for it, if it just gave me my KDE, or even GNOME, I’d settle for GNOME, but it just stared at me. Saying “HA, this is what you get for deleting things.”

But I’m showing it now…. I got out the good old backup server, started it up… I did “ssh” and got in, I did a “Yast2&” and it gave me the god. I got what I wanted. It will live.

I have beaten it at it’s own game. No computer will beat me. None….

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