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DNS/Bind Rocks!

Ok, so I’ve been having tons of fun with DNS and bind now that I know how it works…

Oscar (That’s an old page though, so go to his real one here.)

Ok.. So that’s what I’ve been doing lately.. Now the only problem is finding a real computer to host everything on rather then my good one and also figuring out how to change the DNS ip information through NS. I found a page, but I have to have an NIS and I don’t know that. Oh well I’ll figure it out here sometime.

So I just got out of my Accounting class. I swear someone in there needs to stop eating what ever it is they eat to give them so much gas… The last two days in there someone has been farting up a storm and it smells so bad… Today it got so bad I was about ready to leave… But he ended class early, maybe he smelled it too. But yeah.. It’s been like that in all my classes lately. Maybe it’s just Fartathon week or something and I missed the memo.

I had a ComS 207 test last night… I kicked it’s ass. It should be good.

Other then that not much else going on around here… I want more computers. ::whines::

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