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Well, I’m slowly moving my entire site over to MySQL. I’m just using the b2 database, so it’s kinda crude, but it works. that way I only have one actual php file that ever has to be updated and that updates the entire site. It’s pretty cool really. And I kinda like it was well cause when I update one of the side pages it automatically updates the date and time updated and also tells you who updated it. Maybe once I get a chance to learn more about MySQL I’ll work on an actual MYSQL database for the rest of the site.

I’m also working on DNS. I’d like to get DNS server running on this machine so that I can get rid of the Forward on and get this machine to act as But I don’t really know enough about DNS to be able to set things up right. I found a really good book about it, but I don’t want to shell out the $30 to buy it.

Things are also all set up for this weekend. I guess like everyone’s going to be down there this weekend, my Aunt’s going to be there as well. It’s going to be a packed house. lol.

la la la. Not much really going on around here. I’m thinking I might start the next ComS assingment here soon. It looks a bit harder then the others, but I haven’t really looked at it that much, it’s probably just going to be mostly input/output that’s going to be the pain.

la la la. I also want to think about installing Linux on my DEC, but it doesn’t have any floppy drive to start the boot from, so I’m kinda lost as to how to do that… I have an external CD drive. I dunno. Maybe I’ll just leave OSF1 on it.

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