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I just wanted to to go to the bathroom. Really that’s all I wanted. So I went to the bathroom on the floor that I was on. They were cleaning it, so I went to the bathroom on the floor above me, they were cleaning it as well. So I decided that it wasn’t worth it, I went back to where I was to finish what I was doing….

An hour later. I was done, so I went out to go to that bathroom on that floor, they were STILL bloody fucking cleaning it. So I went back to the one upstairs, they weren’t cleaning it this time, so i went in. There was a guy in there going poo with the stall door standing wide open, and it stunk like hell in there. So I said screw this. I’m here now writing this update and I still have to go pottty.

I just want to go to the bathroom. ::whines::

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