My Life

Busy shit.

Well, it’s like raining and shit, or snowing. I dunno I haven’t looked out side recenly to tell cause it’s depressing. It was funny though this morning watching everyone try and walk on the ice. Waddle-Waddle. hehe. But yeah. I dunno what to update about things are going good around here and shit.

I guess Adam was invited to talk at some Q&A thing at Drake or something. I’m really happy for him, but in a way it annoys me. (I know you’re all saying. “Here we go again….”) But yeah. I want to get involved damnit. There’s no way to get involved up here. And I want to go to the meetings at the GLRC I want to do this shit. It annoys the hell out of me damnit. I suggested to him just a few weeks ago about doing a Q&A at Ankeny and now he’s getting to be on one for some big thing. Gwar. . . But I am happy that he’s doing good. Don’t get me wrong on that.

I think at the end of this moth, like tomorrow I’m going to trach the current Greymatter shit and start over andsee if that works anybetter. And once I get it all set up, I’m not going to fuck with anything. Fucking greymatter. It hates me too.

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