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Today’s horoscope for me is really funny:
“Today is a 9 – It’s time to bamke the commitment. Get married or have more chilfren. If that doesn’t fit your lifestyle, do something that does. It’s all about love and promises.”

Yeah. Funny…

This weekend’s been really good. Friday we just hung out at Adam’s house with Tara and Missy. That was really funny and then Saturday we took Adam’s car to his dad so that he could look at it. And then that night we just stayed at his house. Leah, James and Nelline randomly showed up and that was amusing. Then Sunday Adam worked tell 4 and after that I went over to his house and we hung out and talked and did random things. We also went to Target and I got a new shirt after alot of pleading by Adam. He’s wearing it today, I think.

Greymatter hates me again. I figured out why it hate me though. Or at least I think I figured it out. I changed the number of posts on the main page, and now it’s giving me the Internel Server error again. Damn thing. Well at least this month’s almost over, so it’s good. I think.

Well I have to go to class now, laters.

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