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First day of classes

Well the first day of classes is over with, so that’s good. I went to all my classes and most of them seem as though I should be able to get through them with no major complications. My ComS class should be really easy. I went and talked to the prof and he said that I could test out, but he suggested that even though I know everything already, I might think about staying in the class so I can bring my GPA up. And I really need to do that. I currently have a 2.64 and I have to have at least a 2.75 by the end of this semester to get into my Major. So I’m thinking I’m going to stay in the class. But I dunno. I’m working on the program that he gave me to try out.

Other then that class everthing’s good. I have to go buy another book though. Gwar.

I really miss Adam today. But I guess things are going good otherwise. I got it all out last night. lol. Things are already starting to settle back into the a rythme and it’s good. I can’t wait to see him on Friday though. And it’s a long weekend which makes things even better. YAY! Just imagine, if everything stays on schedule for me, two years from now, I’ll be starting my final semester here at IAState. And in 2 and a half years, Adam and I will be living together somewhere….

Life’s good.

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