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Worse Weekend, Part 2

Ok, well we’ll start out with Friday….

Friday was a long time ago, but I vaguly remember it. I know that I left here about 10, so I went home, dropped off my stuff and then went to Hy-Vee to study. I got there about 11:30 and went to work. About 2 or so Mandy came in and we talked about her infamous qoute. She wouldn’t tell me anything, which really annoyed me. But she said “Be Patcient” that’s about all that both her and Jessica would tell me. Then about 3:30 or so, Angel came in, and I was going to just ignore her, cause Adam had said that he wanted to see her again together. But she saw me and came over, we hugged and said “hi” then she went off and talked to Nina. Angel came back and had to leave, so we said bye and such. By that time she had already had plans with Nick, which kinda hurt. But it’s her choice who she wants to go out with. Adam got there about 4, and said that he had been having a really really bad day. So we talked about that some, and I think he was a bit better. He worked and I studied. Mark Blunk called Adam up to the office, and talked to him. He was pretty much an asshole and told Adam that he couldn’t protect him from people harrasing him cause being gay was against the Bible and shit. That really hurt Adam and it really hurt me as well. After work we went back to his house, and then went to my house and went hot tubbing. It was really nice….

Saturday was another day from hell. Sorry if I get some of these things out of order, but I don’t really remember all that much of how things went in order. I went into my mom’s office that morning and sorted a shit load of papers. It was annoying as hell. I left there about 2:00 with $30 more dollars in my pocket then I started the day with, so that was nice. From there I went to Adam’s. We went Christmas shopping. That was fun, but we didn’t get anything purchased, Traffic was hell and so was parking. I had a splitting headache by the time we got out of there. Oh well. From there we went to Angel’s. Not really good times there though. We got there, and she didn’t really seem all that enthused to see Adam, or me really. And that kinda hurt, you know. It’s like we haven’t seen you for 4 months, and you’re just being casual about everything. Oh well, again, that’s the way she is, nothing hostile towards her. Then Adam told her about what Mark told him, and she agreed with him, that really hurt us both, she’s really been brainwashed. We want our Angel back. We left there about half an hour later cause we had to take Abbie to SNL. So we did that and then went back to Adam’s house and worked on his computer. That devil box. We were up all night working on that damn thing. Fucking computers I don’t see why I’m going into MIS. Gwar. I spent the night at Adam’s that night and it was good to sleep with him again. Everynight I long for him next to me and I wish that we could be there laying next to each other everynight. It’s just such a great feeling to wake up in the middle of the night and look over to see his face there, to see him sleeping so soundly. I love him so much.

Sunday, another day from hell…. Everything was going fine until about 1ish. Melinda was leaving to go somewhere, she went out, and a couple minutes later she came in with this horride look on her face, and said that she hit something. I think Adam said, “Chris’ Car” and she said “Yes.” I about lost it right there. My new car, my $9,000 pride and joy. I loved that car. I felt so bad for her though and I felt even worse for myself, that now they were going to have to deal with this problem, we were going to have to deal with this. I hate having to do that to people that I care for and care about. I really didn’t want them to have to pay for it. I really didn’t. And to make things worse. I called my parents, just for a little support, to have them tell me that everything would be alright. That they’ll take care of it. But they didn’t they just yelled at me. And they wouldn’t stop either, they called about 4 times in an hour. I was in tears. Bawling my eyes out cause they hurt me so much, cause this whole weekend had just put so much stress on me that I couldn’t take it anymore. I felt as though I had done something horribly wrong and that someone was making me pay for it now. I sat there on their couch, in Adam’s arms just crying my eyes out. Melinda came out and talked to me about it though, and she was very comforting. I love her so much, she’s like a mother to me, they’re like a family to me and I know I’ve said this before, but I really do feel more at home in thier house then I do in my own house. I dread going to my house anymore, sometimes I just wish that I could move in with them. I wish that my parents weren’t such assholes. I wish that they would be more caring then they are and that they would understand that when I called them I was already on the verge of a breakdown and that their yelling at me pushed me over the edge, at that point I was seriously thinking about just driving my car off the bridge or something, then no one would have any problems anymore. But Adam and his family was there for me. And I just want to say thank you to them for everything they’ve done for me. For letting me spend the night there, to letting me eat supper with them, for comforting me when my own parents won’t and for just being there.

I want to say thank you to Adam,
For being there when I needed you the most
For being there so that I could just cry in your arms
When I needed to cry
For being there to talk to you
When I needed to talk
For being there to make a joke
When I needed to be cheered up
For being there
For loving me
For everything
Thank you Adam,
I love you.

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