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Nov 28, 2001 #2

Nov 28, #2 [Blur, "Tracy Jacks"]

Ok, well I just got back from my Soc class. We had our last quiz today

and to be able to get the points for them you have to have at least a 42

total on all the quizes, well I took this one, and added my points up. I

got 41, Fucken ‘ell. I mean 41 out of 42 that I need. damnit. I’m going

to cry now.

After class I went to Lunch. I was going over to sit down and Jessa came

up to me and was like, come sit with me and my mom. So I was like, ok. So

I sat with them, that was amusing. Well as amusing as it could be in my

current state of feeling like shit.

I also got an IM from my mom, which was just crazy here it is:

blackforestpc: Hi 🙂

Auto response from BlackC 2004: I can do what I like, I’m Mozart. I’M FUCKING


blackforestpc: What on earth does MOZART have to do with ….

blackforestpc: So are you ignoring me?

blackforestpc: Chris:

blackforestpc: CJB: Let me know if you are planning on any get togethers

with your group at the house this Xmas. I’m in the process of decorating

and need to know if we should expect company while you are on Xmas break

and want the house decorated. Mom 😀

Crazyness I tell you.

Now I’m off to a Doctors appointment.

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