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Nov 27, 2001

Nov 27, [At The Drive In, "Enfilade"]

Ok, so it’s been another LONG day. I went to Accounting this morning and

fell asleep within the first 5 minutes of class and I didn’t wake up again

untill the end of it. Grrr. Oh well. I’ve just been so exhausted lately,

I can’t really explain why. But I mean, I can’t seem to stay awake at all.

After class I went to work. I didn’t really do much today, but yet I did

alot. It’s wierd.

Adam’s sick and that makes me sad. I don’t like seeing, or hearing, about

people that I love being sick. 🙁 I hope he gets better soon.

Telnet on my Linux box seems to like being a bitch. I’m thinking about

installing 7.2 on it to see if I can fix it there, or maybe I’ll go back

to 6.2. I can fix it there, and in 7.0. I dunno. I need to learn 7.1+, I

also need to learn more about rsync. But that’s all comig along.

Our Krell christmas party is Dec 13, I’m supposed to bring me "Girlfriend."

I asked Adam today if he would come with me, he said he would. That should

be amusing. But also cool.

Not much going on here. I think I’m going to head to bed here soon.

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