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Nov 12, 2001

Nov 12, [Adiemus, "Zarabanda"]

Wow, I haven’t updated in a LONG time. So much has bloody happened since

then. Well the first thing as you might have noticed is I got a domain name.

Welcome to Yeah. Soon this site will be hosted with Greymatter,

but for some reason, I’m having problems uploading it. Grrr at that. Well

actually I’ve been having problems uploading everything. For some reason

it kicks me off after every couple files. Grrr at that too. Oh well. Soon

I hope.

On other things, this weekend was Ok, lots of wierd angery, yet happy times.

First thing that really pissed me off Friday was the fact that Adam got

high again and then lied to me about it. It really bothers me that he did

that again, first because he had promissed me numerous times that he wouldn’t

ever do it again, and second because he lied to me about doing it. But after

we got that taken care of we had fun Friday. We went out with Leah, Andi

and Nelline to Downtown. They seemed to not be having much fun, and I was

tired and Adam had a headache, so we wanted to go home, well since they

came with us. We went on home, they were all quite angered with us about

that, but oh well. Adam and I went back to my house after that and went

hot tubbing then went to bed. It was good times. Funny story about we both

slept in the Guest room, well about 4 I wake up to my Dad screaming my name,

and my horn going off, so I’m like SHIT. I don’t want him to know that we’re

sleeping together, so I FLY out of the bedroom door, and of course just

as I’m going out the door, he comes up the top stair. I was like fuck, I’m

in for it now, but he just yelled at me to get my keys and shut off my car

alarm. So I did. Then he left cause he was running late or something. I

went back to bed and talked to Adam for a bit. We got up about 11 on Saturday

and went downstairs, they didn’t say anything about that, so it was good.

Adam and I left and went back to his house for a while.

Saturday was some more not good times. Adam went out with his freinds and

I went out with Mandy, Vero, Julian, Dean, Abbi, and Josh. I was mad at

Adam for his reasoning for not coming, but now that we’ve talked about it

all’s good. Whatever. We all went bowling Saturday night, it was pretty

fun, but 2 hours bowling gets boring after a while. But still it was good

to see everyone again and to hang out and all. Good times.

Sunday was definitally not good. I got up around 12 to my dad yelling about

something. So I got up, showered, packed. and went downstairs. My dad was

just yelling about every little thing he could find to yell about. Grrr.

So I finally just got fed up with it. Took my phone and sat in the living

room with the music as loud as I could. I just sat there holding the phone,

hoping, wishing that Adam would call me and say "Hey come over and

go on break with me." But he never did. I understand though, he was

working. About 2:30 I had finally had enough of that shit, so I just got

up and left. I went out to the damn, it was so peacefull out there. It was

nice. Then about 3:15 Adam finally called, it was so good to hear his voice.

Just hearing his voice I was able to release so much, it just felt so good.

I went over to his house and got him. We went over to that display of Army

things at Camp Dodge. I wanted to just sit there and talk to him and watch

the sun set. But some ass hole Army cop guy came and kicked us out. I was

going to argue with him, cause he was wrong in kicking us out, but Adam

wouldn’t let me. After that we went to the Visitor Center at Saylorville

and waled back through the woods to the beach. The lake was so peaceful

yesterday. The wateer was like glass and the sun was setting behind the

damn. It was so pretty. I wanted to just sit there and talk to Adam and

just know that he’s there. But he went off and played with the rocks. Which

was still fun. I like to just watch him sometimes. Just stand there enjoying

being with him. After the sun went down we went back to his house. And hung

out there. His mom even knew that I was really pissed and I ate supper with

them, and had a good time there. Adam and I laid in his bedroom and we talked

with his mom for hours. Telling stories about Porn shops and other random

things. It was so great. They both really cheered me up. And I felt alot

better by the time I left there. But I still didn’t want to leave. I didn’t

want to leave Adam. I can’t wait tell next week. A full week that I’ll be

able to be around. I know that I can’t be with him as much as I’d like because

of the whole holiday thing and such. But still I’ll be able to go to the

GLRC, and the GSA meeting. I’m just so fucking jazzeda bout that.

Then today I went to my first class and it was cancelled I was pissed about

that, cause I was sleeping very soundly when my alarm went off and was tempted

to skip my first class. But oh well. I got alot of studying for Econ done,

which was good. I still have to study for Acct. but I’ll get that done tonight

sometime. I dunno when. Then after tomorrow I can slack the rest of the

week cause I have nothing going on and nothing due, so that’s fucking cool.

Yep, so this is a really long update. I’m off now to try ang get Greymatter

working again!

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