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Oct 4, 2001

Oct 4, [Smashing Pumpkins, "Tonight, Tonight"]

Hehe, I’ve got a cool job. Today I was sitting in my office, and Nazani

came in and said that we needed to get rid of all the old Dec 3000 Unix

boxes that we’re sitting on my floor. I was like, but I like them there.

She said that we just needed to clean them of any Top Secret info and then

they could go back to the floor or to my house, or wherever I wanted them.

So I started going though them. Hehe it was cool. I got to play with computers

that had secret DOE information on them. I was amused. I didn’t look at

anything though. I was having to much fun playing with them. I love Unix

boxes. I’m going to see if I can get one. hehe. 🙂

Other then that my day’s been blah so far. It’s raining out. I got a fucking

kick ass parking spot on Campus Ave today. I was happy. I went to Accounting

today and found out that I’m not as fucked as I thought I was, I actually

did average on the test. There was only one person that got above 20 on

it. So that’s pretty good, but that’s still not enough to get my grade up

to where I want it. I’m going to have to buckle down on the studying. I’m

taking all mybooks home this weekend, and I’m going to spend most of Friday


I can’t fucking wait tell this weekend. It’s going to kick MAJOR ass. hehehehehehehehe.

::jumps up and down:: 😀

I want a Unix box!

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