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Oct 1, 2001

Oct 1, [Better Than Ezra, "Heaven"]

Yay for Oct. being here.

So I didn’t sleep last night, mostly cause I was thinking about things

and going over what’s happened in my life lately. But yeah, so I didn’t

sleep all that well and this morning I really didn’t want to get out of

bed. So I laid in bed tell about 8 and then I was like, grrr. I should really

get up so I can go to my class. So I got up and got dressed and such. Walked

all the way over to LA, got there, and there’s a fucking note on the door.

"Engl 105 is cancelled today, Oct 1, 2001" I was like. FUCK. I

walked all that way. So then I walked all the way back across campus to

Campus Ave. to get my car and move it. I got back down to the stadium and

just as I was walking across the street to my bus stop. The damn bus drove

by, so I had to wait 10 minutes for the next bus. I felt really bad standing

on the corner there, it just didn’t look good. lol. Oh well. So now here

I am in my room, waiting fot things to happen. I should be studying right

now for my Soc test. But I’m really not in the mood to. I’ll get to it sometime.

Adam said that "We need to talk" after reading my post from yesterday.

I can kinda see what he might want to talk about. I don’t know if I like

where it might go though.

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