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Sept 27, 2001 #3

Sept 27, #3 [Billy Gilman, "One Voice"]

So tonight I went to class and then after class I was meeting up with this

guy named Thao. I went down to where we were meeting and hung out there

for a while. A bit after 8 he showed up and we went off to Santa Fe. We

hung out there and talked for a while. It was really cool. I of course had

my normal Iced Hazelnut Latte. They made really good ones there. I liked

it. Then we went off to Lake Laverne and walked around and talked. He’s

pretty cool. Nothings ever going to happen between us, but he’s a cool person

to talk to and just hang out with. Yeah. Good times tonight. He wanted me

to go back to his place, but I was like, no, I have to go study, so that’s

what I’m going to do, laters all.

This is

really funny

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