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Sept 19, 2001 #2

Sept 19, #2 [Incubus, "Stellar"]

So my dad just called me and said that he had called Dewy Ford about my

car cause that’s where we took it originally to see what the problem was.

They’re the ones that said it would cost between $1,000 and $3,000 to fix

it. Well he bitched them out and they’re sending me a refund check in the

mail. Hehe. I’m so happy.

Also I just got done taking the practice exam for my Econ test that’s tomorrow

and there was this one question that said: Holding all else constant, if

butter and margarine are substitute goods, then as the price of butter rises:

A. the demand for margarine will fall

B. the quantity of butter demanded will fall

C. the demand for butter will fall

D. the demand for butter will rise

The answer is either B or C. Because they both say the same thing. I hope

he doesn’t pull a question like this on the test. I’ll be mad if he does.

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