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July 3, 2001 #3

july 3, #2 [smashing pumpkins, "tonight, tonight"] well todays

been weird. i talked to danny, he’s cool with everything, he’s actually seeing

someone else already. lol. yeah, we’re good. i’m still not ready to really

talk to him though, you know on the phone like shit. i don’t really care enough

to though it more it, then i don’t want to. i don’t have the money. i didn’t

sleep at all last night. i’m still kinda in like a shock or something, i dunno.

i hope work today goes well. so i’ll be in a good mood for tonight and shit.

yeah. hehe. good times, good times. some guy’s supposed to be here soon. he’s

going to pay me $50 for fixing a problem old dutch had with some ordering

stuff. it’s cool, $50 for me and all i had to do was type some shit. took

me a week to get it done though. if i had cared though it only would have

taken like an hour maybe. hehe. yeah good times. well i’m going to go now.

i haven’t wondered through the front yard lately, and that looks like fun

right now. laters.

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