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May 25, 2001

may 25, [Billy Joel, "Blonde ovver blue"] steven

cozza is

my idle. (there’s four links there

for those that are link challenged). i’ve always repected him since i first

heard of scouting for all. he

was only 12 when he started it, he’s now 16 and pbs is doing a special on

him, it’s called scout’s honor and it’s airing in june. i don’t know for sure

when that is though, i e-mailed them so i’ll see if they tell me. i suggest

everyone watch it, and also go get this months edition of "The Advocat"

i usually don’t like that mag, but BN didn’t have the new XY yet and i wanted

something to read. and they had a huge picture of steven on the front so i

was like, yeah, scouting for all. and it’s a really good article, even though

it’s only like 3 pages about him. it’s damn good and worth the $4. But yeah,

go get. read. be informed. i wish more people could be more like steven, i

wish i could be more like steven.

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