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May 21, 2001

may 21, [billy joel, "great wall of china"] damn today sucks too.

we got my final phone bill from college today, it was eighty some bucks and

my dad refuses to pay for it, he says "you can talk to someone else for

7 hours, but you can’t talk to me for 2 minutes" hell no i can’t talk

to him for 2 minutes cause all e does is yell at me. and blow everything out

of porportion, and again today, i got my grades, got B’s in every class, do

you think he said a thing about that, nope all he could do was bitch about

the phone bill. he also caught me talking to danny last night. and he’s been

bitching about that all day. he also said somethign to the effect of "you

need to figure out what’s going on in your life" i know what’s going

on in my life, he’s the one that’s in the dark. maybe if he wouldn’t be such

an ass hole. you know this whole phone bill thing really pisses me off to

cause they said they would pay for my phone bill. and here he is again going

back on his word. the stupid bastard. he also clams that he told me to "take

care of the problem" when he got the $40 bill, he didn’t say anything

about not talking so much. the asshole. i’m temped to just up and leave here

real soon. i mean real soon. i thought about it the other night, i can pack

in about 5 mintues. i have _NO_ money left, how the hell am i going to pay

this bill? damnit i hate him so fucking much. i worked my god damn ass off

in high school damnit. i paid for all my shit when i was in hs. now they can’t

even pay a fucking phone bill which they said they would take care of. i’m

really getting pissed at these assholes. really getting pissed.

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