My Life

May 12, 2001

may 12. well i reformated my computer today, and i was reinstalling all my

stuff, and found out that it didn’t back up like ALOT of my stuff to cd like

it was supposed to. the damn thing. it didn’t back up any of my website, it

didn’t back up any of my archived stuff, which had all my programs that i

had downloaded. it didn’t back up alot of stuff ::cries:: damnit, it’s going

to take forever to get all that stuff back down. i can get my website pretty

easily, but it’s going to take a while to dl 40 megs over a damn 56k connection.

i wonder if i can go into school one of these days and get it from there,

that would prob work. i think i’ll do that. but all the other stuff is going

to be hard to get again, i don’t even remember everything that i need. damnit.

damnit. damnit. on the other hand yesterday was pretty cool. xak, vero, and

mandy randomly showed up at my house last night, i was in my pj’s already

cause i was working on my computer. and we went off. yeah cool.

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