My Life

May 3, 2001

may 3, ::is tired:: i only got like three hours of sleep last night. yeah,

it’s bad when i call danny without using a phone card cause we always talk

to long, at least with a phone card we get cut off, lol. last night was had

a floor meeting. they told us that we had to have our lofts out of here by

this sunday. and i was like WTF? cause i mean, i have no way of taking it

down, cause i have no tools here, or available to me. i have no where to store

it, or any way to take it home. i have nothing. but he was like, well you

ahve to have it down by this weekend. the stupid twats. i asked him months

ago about this type of thing and he said he didn’t know. damn him. but at

least there’s only one week left here, one week and one day. in gov class

today we went over what was going to be on the test. it’s not good times.

(is that right? not good times. or is it ungood times? i forget now) but yeah.

it’s going to be a test over everything in the book, ewww. 25 multiple choice,

10 t/f, 10 matching and 3 essay. i really hate his tests to cause they are

just all messed up. AIM keeps kicking me off. it’s really annoying me. alot.

i wanna get a tattoo, that would be soo cool.

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