My Life

May 2, 2001

may 2, #2. so i just got back from econ, what a mess. i don’t understand

what he’s talking about, today he covered different pages from like 3 different

chapters that we haven’t even begun to cover. oh and sorry bout that last

entry, it’s kinda an incoheriant (sp? again) mess. but oh well. it’s staying

there. we got the AC turned on yesterday, it feels so good, for some reason

this building is always like 10 degrees hotter then it is outside. you would

thing being an all brick and cement building it would be 10 degrees cooler,

cause that’s the way it usually seems to work, but it’s not, it’s freaking

hot in here. so yeah, it’s all cool, air conditioning, hehe. umm this months

entries already take up 20 kb, opps, this might be a long month, lol.

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