My Life

April 30, 2001

april 30, #5. grrr, i really hate when they intrupt tv shows to say, oh we

have a thunderstorm, it’s just a damn thunderstorm, who cares, it’s not going

to kill anyone, if there’s a tornado or something, then you can inturupt,

but around here they intruupt if it’s just raining. on a different topic my

aunt sent me this: "That black and white thing gets

to my old eys after a couple days. A rather odd choice for someone who’s life

is not so black and white????" ya know i’d never really thought

about it that way. hmm, maybe i’ll have to think of a different color choice.

we’ll wait tell school out though before i change anything again, well maybe,

lol. i like suckers. tootsie pops are really good. i bought two packages of

them, and i only got two orange ones though, that’s sad, i really like the

orange ones. there was something else when i started writing this, but i’m

not remembering it now. oh well.

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